Keep Connected,
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Benefits of our ultra-fast broadband.

High Tech Hardware

Our routers get the most out of your broadband; select our standard router or opt for our high performance managed router to give your internal network a boost!

24/7 Support

You need to be online at all times, so we’re here to help with 24x7x365 UK-based support

Super-Fast Speeds

With speeds of up to 360mb download and 180mb upload, you’ll spend less time doodling and more time doing.

Short Contracts

With just a 12-month minimum contract, you’re not tied in for the long term.

A range of packages to suit any householdWith speeds of up to 360Mbps, frustrating internet connectivity need never slow you down again. Boost your bandwidth with our top fibre broadband speeds.

For small households and staying connected with basic browsing and streaming
Download: 40Mbps
Upload: 10Mbps

from £27/mo
Great for small families, so multiple people can access the internet at once
Download: 60Mbps
Upload: 12Mbps
Increased upload
options available
from £29/mo
Great for large families, so multiple people can make the most of the internet at once
Download: 120Mbps
Upload: 24Mbps
Increased upload
options available
from £38/mo
Perfect for HD streaming, downloading and gaming

Download: 300Mbps
Upload: 30Mbps
Increased upload
options available
from £60/mo
Have 4K devices running smoothly on the fastest package we offer
Download: 360Mbps
Upload: 72Mbps
Increased upload
options available
from £58/mo

Gaming, Youtube, Instagram… Upload!

In today’s world, upload is important for a long list of internet users, but often forgotten by ISPs. This is why we offer increased upload speeds on all of our packages.

From adding your latest birthday picture to uploading your latest Vlog episode, our network upload is there for you.

Do you run your own YouTube channel, or stream your own gaming channel? Contact us today to learn about our top packages.

No slow down,
Constant ultra-fast!

Our network doesn’t slow down over the holidays, or grind to a halt when everyone comes home from their day at work or school. We build in extra capacity to the network so Ultra-fast fibre, is always there for you when you need it.

High grade,
Extreme Performance.

Do you want a fully managed, high performance network in your house? Wi-Fi Mesh, high throughput router and custom designed home network;deliver the best in your home with zero hassle.

Contact us today about a customised home network setup.


“I've been using MTH Networks for a number of years now. Fantastic customer service and a very efficient team. They really consider the needs of the client and provide a highly professional service.”
Devon Mayson

Any questions?We’ve collected together some questions we get asked frequently.

Do I have to take your router, or can I use one I already have?

Any compatible router can be used on our network; it’s always worth checking with us first, however the majority of standard routers will be compatible. It’s worth noting that xDSL routers will not work.

I need a phone with a landline number for my home/business; how does this work if I only have fibre?

MTH Networks offer a full service VoIP solution; in simple, this is phone lines down the internet. Click here to learn more, or call us today.

How long does it take to activate my internet?

Activation can take anywhere from 10 mins, to 72 hours. However, if you purchase a router from us, we’ll wait until your delivery date to activate the connection; if you complete your order before 12 noon, we can get a router to you the following day.

Does your fibre network include any copper cables?

No, none at all! Our network is pure fibre from end to end to deliver the fastest, most reliable connection possible to your property.

I've just moved into my new-build house... can you activate ASAP?

If you've just moved into a new build, give us a call before placing your order. We can run a check against your address and advise on completion dates of fibre installs.

I'm a complete Technophobe, can you help me install my Router and Configure my WiFi?

We'd be more than happy to offer a fully managed install service. Just select the option at checkout and we will give you a call to organise an engineer visit.

I'm with another provider, can I switch to you?

MTH Networks provided Ultrafast Fibre internet over a wholesale network. As long as we can service your area (please check the postcode checker), we can migrate your connection to us.

I'm only renting for 6 months, can you do a shorter contract?

Unfortunately, all contracts are minimum 12-months, however; we only ever aim to charge once per customer, so if you move within your initial 12-month contract, we can migrate your line for a small Admin fee, and continue your existing contract with no penalty.