Made Easy.

Benefits of MTH Mobile Contracts.

4G & 5G Coverage

Rated the best network for indoor 4G coverage at an impressive 95% of premises

Smart Metering

O2 are proud to be the CSP for two of the three regions in the governments Smart Metering Programme, providing connectivity to millions of energy meters across Great Britain.

Free 5G!

We supply all our packages with full 5G support, just leaving you to have a compatible phone! Benefit from Ultra-Fast speeds, right from the palm of your hand

Growing Investment

O2 are investing over 2 million pounds per day to grow and improve their network.

We offer multiple options.
With a range of tariffs you'll never pay for a service you don't need.

O2 20GB

30-day rolling contract
Unlimited minutes
Unlimited texts
Inclusive EU Roaming
20GB Monthly Data
International Data Bolt On

£16 per month

02 40GB

30-day Rolling Contract
Unlimited Minutes
Unlimited Texts
Inclusive EU Roaming
40GB Monthly Data
International Data Bolt On

£19 per month

O2 Unlimited

30-day Rolling Contract
Unlimited Minutes
Unlimited Texts
Inclusive EU Roaming
Unlimited Monthly Data
International Data Bolt On

£24 per month

02 Unlimited +

30-day Rolling Contract
Unlimited Minutes
Unlimited Texts
MTH Travel Bolt On**
MTH Travel + Bolt On**
Unlimited Monthly Data
Inclusive UK to EU Mins & SMS

£33 per month

Unlimited usage subject to fair usage policies
** Click Here for more information on MTH Travel and MTH Travel +

Taking control of your mobile.

New Ofcom legislation surrounding the switching of mobile phone providers has now been released. You no longer have to call your provider, and spend hours on the phone while they try and sell you a different product.

Simply text "PAC" to 65 075 to receive a PAC code within 48 hours. Pass that code to us, along with your current mobile number, and we will do the rest!

Never miss a call,
never miss an opportunity.

Your mobile tariff from MTH Networks will include calls made in EU countries at no extra cost. And for only £6.00 extra a day, you can choose our World Traveller Select option and access your UK bundle when travelling outside of the EU.

Being mobile
shouldn’t break the bank.

Whether a personal contract, or a corporate account, we understand circumstances change over time, so all our contracts operate on a 30-day rolling basis. So you can cancel when you need to.

Whether you need 5 or 50 tariffs, shared data bundles or data-only packages, for either personal or business use, we offer the best mobile deals to keep you connected on the move. Get in touch with our friendly team today.

Travelling just became cheaper.

All our SIM plans come with our International Traveller plans. If you want to use your phone whilst on holiday, rather than huge roaming charges - we simply charge you £6.00 (Inc VAT) per day, and give you access to your UK bundle of calls, texts and data. For information about countries covered, please give us a call, or visit our Knowledge base.


“I've been using MTH Networks for a number of years now. Fantastic customer service and a very efficient team. They really consider the needs of the client and provide a highly professional service.”
Devon Mayson

Any questions?

We’ve collected together some questions we get asked frequently.

Can I keep my number?

Yes! Simply text “PAC” to 65075 and you’ll receive your PAC code form your current network within 48hours! Pass this to our team and we will sort the rest!

Your prices seem low; am I tied into a long contract?

No! Not at all; we only do 30-day rolling agreements. If you want to cancel at any point, just give us 30-days notice.

I want a new phone too, do you do new handsets?

We specialise in SIM only deals, but can always find a great deal for you. If you're looking for a new phone, give us a call and we will let you know what we can do for you.

I have more complex SIM Card needs for my business/family; do you have other options?

Of course! Please contact us directly if you have more complex, bespoke, or simply different needs than you see on this page.
Give us a call and schedule a review with one of our specialists.

Can I have 5G on my phone?

There are only a limited number of phones currently available for use with 5G at present, but all our SIMs are shipped with full 5G support. If it's not working on you or device, fist check the settings and the area that you're in - if not, give the team a call; and we will check 5G is enabled for your account with O2.

Are you able to support eSIM's?

Of course! If you'd like your contract in eSIM format, simply email us on - and we can arrange to have an eSIM delivered straight to your door! (Please note, we currently cannot support eSIMs on wearables - we're hoping to add this upgrade soon!).