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You might need a WiFi extender if:

  • You have a three-storey property
  • Your house has 4/5 bedrooms
  • You are experiencing WiFi dead zones around your home

If you have our standard router, we recommend that you upgrade to our advanced router as we often find this improves the overall range within larger properties.

If you already have our advanced router and are still experiencing issues, you should consider purchasing a WiFi Range Extender.

We highly recommend the Mercusys MW300RE (link to product info sheet – which should help eliminate dead zones for larger homes that need their connection to reach further.

You may want to purchase more than one extender, depending on the size of your property and how far you want to stretch your connection.

  • One Unit – £14.99 + £4.99 P&P (Prices Inc VAT)
  • Two Units – £28.00 + £4.99 P&P (Prices Inc VAT

Please note: our Range Extenders are NOT pre-configured as this is not possible. We can however assist you in getting these set up. You can also watch this guide on how to configure the extenders:


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