For many, the New Year is a start to a new beginning. We often see it as an opportunity to make plans for the year, set goals, make changes, grow and create general improvements in our lives. New Year’s resolutions often include giving up a bad habit, exercising more, eating healthier, new career and finance goals. Whatever it is, many of us set good intentions that we often stick to for a brief period, but after a while, they tend to go out the window. So, here we have put together some tips on how to stick to your resolutions. 

Make it specific

Define what exactly your target is, for example, it’s easy enough to say you would like to lose weight, but setting yourself a specific goal such as losing a stone, helps set a target to work towards. Setting a specific goalpost makes us more motivated and likely to strive to reach it. 

Whatever your goal is, it is also important to make it attainable. 

Baby steps

There might be several things we want to improve in our life. However, trying to achieve them all at once can be overwhelming and actually put us off doing anything.  

Choosing one thing at a time makes it feel more achievable, allows us to focus and give our full energy towards it. 

If you feel like your goal is too big to reach, break it down into steps and then try achieving one at a time, baby steps. 

Make a plan

Having a sense of direction can help us feel like we’re on the right path. Setting a goal and not knowing how you are going to go about tackling it can leave us stumped, but brainstorming and taking the time to make a plan on how you are going to achieve your goal can help us stick to it. 

Try making a list and putting it somewhere you can regularly see. This will help as a reminder to yourself on your goals. 

Be kind to yourself

Life is full of surprises and often we get set back, come across hurdles or maybe take longer than we want to. But, the road to success isn’t always straight. Sometimes we get off track. Don’t see this as a failure – be patient with yourself, it is not a race.  

Remind yourself why you chose this resolution and why it’s important for you to achieve it. Most of all be kind to yourself. Self-improvement is a process, so allow yourself to re-evaluate your plan if your current strategies aren’t working. Seek advice, find inspiration, and keep that motivation alive. 

We wish you all the best of luck for the new year! 

Your MTH Networks Team