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The fibre service that Monkey Tree Hosting Ltd (Trading as MTH Networks) delivers over the OFNL Network ( is a third-party service, whereby OFNL controls the quality and all infrastructure parts. OFNL Network does not officially provide any network guarantee.

MTH Networks will make every endeavour to ensure that you are able to make use of the full speeds you purchase, however – the quoted speed is the speed to be achieved to the OFNL Modem.

MTH Networks will always aim for you to receive 100% of your package speed to your door. Once connected, the WiFi speed in your home may be impacted by router quality and/or distance from the router. New Build Houses are built with more metal in the walls which can make signals increasingly difficult to transfer through them. We would typically expect a 10-30% speed drop for WiFi speeds depending on local environmental factors.

‘As required by Ofcom – Monkey Tree Hosting Ltd (trading as MTH Networks) provides a 50% Speed Guarantee for the package purchased. This speed test needs to be performed by a wired computer device, connected to the OFNL modem. This will require a basic PPPoE session establishing via the PC – which our support team is happy to guide you through.’


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