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We suggest that you contact us as soon as you notice any fluctuations or issues with your internet speeds. You can contact our support team by raising a support ticket, Live Chat, or by phone on 01536 661050.  

Our team will guide you through some diagnostics tests, but here are some things you can do beforehand to help us diagnose your issue faster:

  • Take some photos of your Modem, router and the wires connected to them. This will help us determine all the wires are where they should be!
  • Run a speed test using the OFNL Speed Test. This will log the speeds you are receiving with OFNL so the results are ready for when we raise the issue with them.
  • Make note of any lights on the modem and the colours of them.
  • Ensure you have an Ethernet Cable and Laptop ready so we can guide you through some tests
  • We may also ask you to reboot your modem to see if this helps fix the issue – but don’t worry if you are unsure how to: we can do this remotely! 

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