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If you are moving from an OFNL property to an Openreach property, you can take your existing router with you!

  • We will need to send out a modem for your new address. We can send this to your current address ahead of your move-in date.
  • You will be subject to early termination fees which we can provide at a reduced rate
  • We will also provide you with a 5% monthly discount for your new contract as a goodwill gesture for staying with us.

If you are moving to a property where we cannot provide OFNL or Openreach services – you will need to cancel/terminate your service.

To cancel your service, we would require a 30-day notice in writing to: [email protected]

If you wish to cancel your services with MTH Networks, before the end of your contract, you will be subject to early termination fees. We will make every endeavour to reduce the cost of your early termination fee where we can – in line with Ofcom Guidance and Regulations.


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