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The United Kingdom has taken a big step forward in ensuring that its citizens and businesses have access to the fastest and most reliable internet possible with the introduction of the new gigabit legislation. New laws aim to make it easier for broadband providers to roll out gigabit-speed internet services to homes and businesses across the country, allowing them to enjoy the many benefits that come with ultra-fast internet.

What is a gigabit?

Gigabit refers to a data transfer rate of one billion bits per second. It is much faster than the average broadband speed currently available in the UK, which is around 50-70 Mbps. With a gigabit connection, it becomes possible to perform even the most demanding tasks, such as video conferencing, online gaming, and 4K video streaming, with ease.

Benefits of gigabit internet:

The benefits of gigabit internet are numerous, and they touch all aspects of our lives. For businesses, it means that they can work more efficiently and productively, as they can perform complex tasks, transfer large files and access cloud-based applications with ease. For individuals, it means that they can enjoy high-quality video calls, fast downloads and seamless online gaming.

The Gigabit Legislation

The new gigabit legislation makes it easier for broadband providers to roll out gigabit-speed internet services to homes and businesses across the UK. Amendments to the Building Regulations 2010 ensure that new homes constructed in England will be fitted with infrastructure and connections capable of delivering gigabit broadband – the fastest internet speeds on the market. Also, the law requires existing buildings to be upgraded if they are not equipped to support the new standard.

The law also provides funding to support the roll-out of gigabit internet in areas that would otherwise be difficult or expensive to reach. This means that even remote and rural communities will be able to enjoy the benefits of ultra-fast internet, helping to bridge the digital divide.

You can read more about how the Government is ensuring all new homes in England have gigabit capabilities here.


The UK gigabit legislation is a significant step forward in ensuring that everyone has access to fast and reliable internet. With the introduction of the new law, the UK is positioned to be at the forefront of the digital revolution, enabling its citizens and businesses to work, learn, and play in ways that were previously not possible. The future is looking brighter and more connected for everyone in the UK, and the gigabit legislation is just the beginning.

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